About Us

It’s Totally Life is a website that seeks to connect the many voices around us by encouraging people of all talents and skills to share them, and of course general life experiences. We want to be that one safe place people can come and share experiences on everything such as Music, Video Games, Movies Reviews, Cooking Tips, and Recipes. Insights into different cultures, and anything else you may want to share in a safe, clean, friendly space are welcome. Also, our founder is a true whiz when it comes to software related tech tips. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our little site because we are all about community here.

What sets us apart from most blogging communities is that we accept people for who they are, but we do not tolerate intolerance. Also, we do not distribute any of your information to third parties. All that we do ask is that you spread the word about our little community here and perhaps support us by using our hand-picked affiliated links as these not only help support the site, they are things that we believe in. We are simply a community for free thinkers; a safe writing space in a confusing world that gives you room to breathe and room to be you! We are always looking for writers who wish to share their passion for life with us. Sign up and totally tell us about your life!