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HBC Presents: It’s Our Destiny—Hadrian’s Eco-laws By Patricia Marie Budd - November 10, 2019

Thanks to a short, but intense comment thread with William E. Chappell III, coauthor of this novel, I was able to revise last week’s post! HBC Presents It’s Our Destiny—Hadrian’s Eco-laws Staring Founding Family Member Destiny Stuttgart Here in Hadrian, we respect nature. We work to recycle all that is recyclable and avoid waste to […]

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Hadrian’s Destiny: The Hunter Family Petition By Patricia Marie Budd - October 20, 2019

Before the inauguration of their new country, the Five founding family members attended a series of meetings held over five years. Each session put the CEO of one corporation or another bidding for rights to operate within Hadrian’s borders. More often, or not, this meant putting one or more of the founding five’s family members […]

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Transgender Day of Visibility – We Will Be Seen By Serena Nelson - March 31, 2017

For most people, March 31 doesn’t hold any deep significance. However, for the transgender community it means a lot. For today is the “Transgender Day of Visibility”. For those of us who don’t conform to the traditional societal view of a “gender binary”, life can be a struggle. Even for those who don’t identify as […]

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