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Family Dinner (part 1)

Family Dinner

Gordon enters the kitchen quietly, hoping to sneak up on Alek and instigate a tabletop romp, but Alek’s damnable hearing, acute as a dog’s, hears Gordon before he can wrap his arms around him in a hug.

“Gordon?” The surprise is only a small part of the anxiety Alex feels upon seeing his husband. “You’re home early.”

“You’d think that was a bad thing,” Gordon says. Not daunted, he reaches for his lover’s waist and pulls him in for a deep kiss.

“Umm, that was nice, but now is not the time.” Alex gestures to the elaborate mess of a gourmet meal in the making. “I’m preparing for supper.”

“Forget it, we’ll do take out.” Leaning in for another kiss, Alex pushes him away.

“No, no, no, not tonight. Dean is bringing his boyfriend home.” Smiling, he adds, “We finally get to meet this mysterious young man.”

Gordon steps back, “Humph, so he really does have a boyfriend, then.”

“Yes, he does. And his name is Will. Will Middleton, the high school B-ball player everyone is talking about.” Gesturing now with Jazz hands, “The Pride of Pride High.” Giggling in delight, “I can’t believe our little Dean is dating the most popular boy in high school. It’s just like when I chased captured you.”

“Caught,” Gordon corrects him, “we say caught.”

“Who cares. Dean caught a boyfriend. A FABULOUS boyfriend!” Overjoyed, he ejaculates, “I LOVE it!”

“Okay, calm down!” The only time Gordon like Alek in such an ecstatic state is when he is cooing over him. Hearing him go on and on about Dean in like manner is annoying. “It’s not the same thing. The Middletons are far from a wealthy family. The only thing that boy’s got going for him is talent on the B-ball court.”

“Oh, yes! They say he’s going to get a scholarship to Antiny U.” Alek’s accent always comes back in full force when he is excited or angry.

“It’s Antinous Uni, Alek. Speak properly, it’s not like you’re only learning the language for the first time.”

“Why are you so cruel. I’m happy. You should be happy. Dean has a boyfriend, something you said would never happen.” Tapping Gordon on the chest with his index finger, he adds, “You say he is straight, but he is gay. He is gay, he has a boyfriend. That proves it. Be happy for your son.”

Stepping back, feigning innocence and jocularity, “You’re right. I’m happy.”

Alek is not fooled. “Humph.”

“I’m happy.” Returning to his form amorous mood, “How about you put down that ladle,” reaching forward, he grabs the utensil from Alex’s hand and, as he leans in for a kiss, says, “and we celebrate this good news.”

Alek reciprocates, but not enough to satiate Gordon’s desire for sex. Still, he appreciates the attention, “Oh, you are a sick man. You want to sex to celebrate your son’s new boyfriend. No. Not now. Maybe tonight, but now, now I am preparing Dean’s boyfriend’s favourite dishes.”

Accepting defeat, Gordon sits down at the table musing regretfully over the maple tabletop he had hoped earlier to have sex on. “So, what does a strapping six-foot-six star B-ball player like to eat?”

“Beef burgers!”

“How exactly are hamburgers gourmet?”

“My hamburgers are always gourmet. Mama got me Saskatoon berries to mix into the meat. I add some peppercorn, an egg, dry oatmeal, finely chopped onions and mushrooms, Grey Poupon, a dash of salt, and a little hint of my secret ingredient.” Alek never reveals every item in one of his exclusive recipes. Gordon knows these burgers. They are plump and juicy, a pure culinary delight. “With it, I will serve air-fried yam fries. I am a little nervous. This is my first time air frying. Mama promises to help me, though.”

“Wait! Hold it right there. Mother can help you all she wants, but she is not joining us for dinner!”

Rolling his eyes, Alex has to endure this fight every time he invites Mama up for a family event. “She is having dinner with us, and you are going to behave. Dean wants his boyfriend to meet you and his grandmother! You may hate her but the rest of Hadrian adores her. Do you think the boy isn’t looking forward to meeting her? She is a Founding Parent. Everyone in Hadrian wants to meet her.” Seeing the usual moody, sulky look darkening Gordon’s eyes, “Everybody in Hadrian wants to meet you, too, Founding Family Member! Sheesh! What are you so jealous about?”

“I am not jealous of that woman! I put up with her. I let her live her because she helps you and that’s all! I can’t believe I put money in her pocket.”

“She works for every penny.”

“So you say.”

“Enough! She is coming to dinner! Dean wants her here. Dean’s boyfriend wants her here. Enrico wants her. And, I want her here. You will keep quiet and be a good boy. You hear me.”

Gordon sighs. Talking as he turns, “I’ll be upstairs, call me when supper is being served.” Turning back, he adds, “And not one second before!”





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