Author: Wayne Sung

Adroit Detroit: Become Human PSN Demo By Wayne Sung - May 27, 2018

I’ve seen and even played the E3 demos but playing the pre-release demo of Detroit: Become Human at home is completely different experience: more intimate, more cognitive, and (what should be) more polished. I’ve been enamored with this upcoming game from Quantic Dream ever since I watched the tech demo Kara (now included as a […]

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Meeting Linda Woolverton – The Spirit Behind Beauties and Beasts By Wayne Sung - April 27, 2017

A look back at a piece I wrote this day in 2014. Considering the release of the live action Beauty and the Beast, this seems fitting.  Highlight of the day: got to shake hands with Linda Woolverton! This is more an afterglow of realization than a fanboy drool on-scene (thank goodness). lol I had the […]

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Life Is Strange – Why My Choice By Wayne Sung - March 11, 2017

I just finished the game Life Is Strange last night. What’s funny is that it’s more a slice of life experience with mystery and sci-fi undertones than a true adventure game.  I hardly use any items, and most gamey elements appeared towards the end of the game.  Instead, what I really came away with was […]

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