Emotocon Poem By Patricia Marie Budd - February 27, 2018

For you I have hearts in my eyes
For you I have the wide eyed smile
For you I have the eyes closed kiss
For you I have the wink and the tongue stuck out smile
For you I get round eyed and blushy
For you the huffy mad comes out every once in a while ~ white puff snorting angry
Sometimes you cause me a tear drop
Sometimes rivers run out from my eyes
While sometimes two tears cover the edges of an open mouth smile
But always for you I have the heart pumping wild

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Patricia Marie Budd

Patricia Marie Budd

I teach high school English in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. I have self-published four novels and am currently working on the fifth. My play, The Aging Philosopher" received honourable mention in the 2001 Alberta Playwright's Playwriting Competition. I am an avid lover of poetry and often try pen at composing verse.