judging voices from the heart By Patricia Marie Budd - February 27, 2018

how does one judge voices from the heart?

doesn’t every whisper of the soul utter content?

isn’t every shout of agony or joy deserving an ear?

who is to say one expression greater?

another’s experience more valid?

what makes one voice stronger?

one voice weaker?

who are we to choose?

can we not embrace every sound humanity articulates?

or is that too much for the collective mind to assimilate?

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Patricia Marie Budd

Patricia Marie Budd

I teach high school English in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. I have self-published four novels and am currently working on the fifth. My play, The Aging Philosopher" received honourable mention in the 2001 Alberta Playwright's Playwriting Competition. I am an avid lover of poetry and often try pen at composing verse.