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Hadrian’s Destiny: Gaylord-Lynne


Before Gaylord-Lynne was born their name was supposed to be Gaylynne. Immediately following their birth, the doctor was a little hesitant to identify the baby as a boy. You see, a micro penis and one testicle unseen in any of the was clearly evident upon birth. Dr. Komomata took a significant amount of time examining the infant before placing them in their mother’s extended arms.

As soon as the mother saw the micro penis and testicle her voice quivered “Is she a boy?”

“Huh?” The father leaned in for closer inspection. “What the fuck?” He lifted the tiny penis with his index finger. “Are you going to cut it off her?” As much as he would have preferred a son, the idea of one so poorly endowed horrified him.

Gaylord-Lynne’s mother gasped.

“No,” Dr. Komomata replied. “I do not subscribe to the medical practice of mutilating an infant at birth. The child has rights and will determine their own gender identity over time.” The father was befuddled and the mother clearly in shock, so Dr. Komomata began to explain. “Most likely your child has a blending of genders so we should exam the infant’s chromosome levels.” Seeing a blend of confusion and fear on the parent’s faces Dr. Komomata explained further. “We need to perform a test called ‘Karyotyping’ – to test the infant’s chromosomes.”

“H-how is it done?”

“W-will it hurt?”

Both mother and father uttered at the same time.

“It won’t hurt,” Dr. Komomata reassured them. “We’ll just take a small blood sample. Until we know the child’s chromosome type we will not be able to identify gender. But you need to prepare yourselves-”

“For what?” An edge of anger mixed in with the father’s sense of fear and confusion.

Trying to maintain calm, Dr. Komomata spoke in soft, soothing tones. “I suspect your cold to be a true gonadal intersex.”

Gaylord-Lynne’s father’s face flushed red. His wife restrained him from standing by gripping his hand tightly. She was still half lying half seated in the birthing bed while he was seated to her right. This conversation began almost as soon as Gaylord-Lynne was born. The sight of the micro penis and testicle on a child they had been was female caused Gaylord-Lynne’s father to cry out in shock.

Determined to bee as informative as possible Dr. Komomata continued with his explanation. “Your child may well have a uterus and ovary inside. After the Karyotyping I would like to have an MRI done to reveal what is inside.”

What they found, as Dr. Komomata suspected, was a misshapen uterus with one ovary.

“How in God’s name are we supposed to raise it?”

Dr. Komomata winced at the father’s harsh query.

“You raise your child as a human being. When they are older you can-”

“They? Who the fuck are they?”

“Dear, please.” Gaylord’s mother worked to soothed her husband’s fears. She smiled weakly at the Dr. “Is that the pronoun used for someone like Gaylyn-?”

Before she could utter the child’s full name the father interceded: “Gaylord!” Acknowledging his wife’s puzzled expression he explains, “it has a penis, small though it might be, and a penis means a man. His name is Gaylord.”

Gaylord-Lynne’s mother made no argument or complaint. Her husband’s face held both resolve and resentment. Any further discussion on the topics would have led to an uproar.

Author note: As always, I wish to remind my readers that this work is raw. The professional editing will come when I can finally afford to hire one. This book will not see print until after 3 to 5 rounds of quality professional editing.



  1. There is always a beginning, and this is the story of the birth and beginning of the Prime Founder of Hadrian.

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