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Hadrian’s Destiny – It’s Our Destiny—Hadrian’s Eco-laws


HBC Presents
It’s Our Destiny—Hadrian’s Eco-laws
Staring Founding Family Member Destiny Stuttgart

Here in Hadrian we respect nature. We work to recycle all that is recyclable and avoid waste to the best of our ability. One aspect of human waste that became an extreme landfill problem in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries was the disposal of items that were reparable but too costly for customers to pursue that option. Big business capitalized on this by producing products intended to wear out keeping the customer coming back for ‘newer’ versions. Even though the parts needed for a repair were available they were so costly it was cheaper for the customer to opt for a new product.
In Hadrian this business practice, accompanied by the consumer demand for newer, better, and faster devices, is unacceptable. In fact, one of the first laws put into place in our newly formed constitution is to outlaw this practice. Every business is required by law to offer an eleven-year product guarantee. If anything breaks down, or wears out in that time it is incumbent upon the manufacturer to repair the product. Customers, too, will be held to a high standard. Once you have purchased an item you cannot replace it during that eleven-year span. Every effort to repair and reuse that product must be adhered to. We must all strive to keep from filling our landfill sites with useable material. In Hadrian we will not encumber the earth with the human obsession for material gain.
So, take care of your bubble if you qualify for a personal vehicle, keep all kitchen instruments, tools, and personal recreational devices clean, oiled and in good condition. Manual items may be more work to use but they last longer and are easier to repair. Remember, buy wisely and make sure you understand the inner workings of your material goods, as you will not be replacing them for a minimum of eleven years. Our landfill sites will contain waste, and only waste!



  1. This now serves as a reminder for me, having just purchased my FIRST cellphone, and I’m having to use it primarily for work use. I don’t plan to buy another for a LONG TIME. Eleven years, I can deal with that.

    • Good luck with that. Cell phone companies make it very hard to keep a phone more than a few years. They create updates that bog down older phones. I should add that to this episode.

  2. Yes, by ensuring the newest upgrades are not compatible with the old hardware. And then offering no support.

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