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Destiny Stuttgart responds to parent’s brutal murder

My son, Gordon Stuttgart, and I have suffered a devastating loss, the loss of a parent and a grandparent, but the world has lost even more. Gaylord-Lynne Stuttgart was an individual with a vision and the strength of mind to bring that dream to fruition. They, not she, they, for Gaylord-Lynne, was intersex, loved humanity, and they were determined to create a safe and loving space for all those marginalized by prejudice and hate. They are the true founder of Hadrian, and their dream does not die with them. My parent, MaPere as I called them, raised me with this quest for a better humanity, and I will step into MaPere’s shoes and continue their dream, follow their path, for MaPere’s journey is my journey, and my journey is humanity’s. The newly formed nation of Hadrian will not crumble due to the wickedness of the hateful. Hadrian has been established. Hadrian will survive! MaPere may not be able to attend the National Inauguration in body but MaPere, Gaylord-Lynne Stuttgart, is there in me, in my son, and in all those brave men, women, intersex and gender-neutral persons who have joined us in building for humanity a new nation built on secular values and the idea that all persons are equal!
My name is Destiny Stuttgart, and I am here to tell all you haters that you may kill the individual, but you will never kill the spirit that makes humanity great.


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