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It’s Our Destiny

Hadrian’s Broadcasting Corporation (HBC) Presents
It’s Our Destiny
Starring Founding Mother, Destiny Stuttgart

Hello Hadrian. Welcome to It’s Our Destiny. Let’s get one thing straight. I did not come up with the name for this show. The good producers of our recently founded Hadrian’s Broadcasting Corporation wanted the title, insisted on it and refused any suggestions of good sense that did not have my name and a pun in it. Such is life. So be it. It’s Our Destiny is what we shall call this little mini-series I’m putting together to help educate the Hadrian populace.
What, might you ask, do we need to learn as citizens of this great new country of ours? Well, a great many things, in fact. We will learn about gardening, composting, recycling, making the best use of plastics, solar energy, geothermal energy, electric cars, public transportation, safe reproduction practices, and the list goes on. Those who have chosen to form this good country and live according to its values now have the ultimate responsibility of aiding in the construction and maintenance of all we hope to accomplish here.
I guess the best place to begin is at the beginning. We all need to understand our country’s constitution. If we are going to create a new world that maintains a stable population, a strong economy to compete within the international setting as well as finding the right eco-balance with clean energy, then we must all be informed and active citizens.
So, here it is folks, Hadrian’s constitution in a nutshell. What? Did you expect me to read you the entire constitution? That would be both dry and insulting to your intellect. No, as well as sharing the wave link to the official document, I have prepared a short summary presentation for you.
To begin, think of our constitution as a pentagram of truth. Although our written constitution is based on the four cornerstones: Hadrian is open to sexual diversity and gender expression; Hadrian will be a safe haven for homosexuals from around the globe; Hadrian’s central focus is the creation and maintenance of a stable human population; and, Hadrian will create an ecologically sound balance between humanity and nature. These ideals do no stand-alone. Rather, they intersect with one another and just as importantly, they need to interact with the international world. Remember, we are not here to simply save our one corner of the planet. We are here to restore balance to all of humanity and the entire earth.
Here we have the head, humanity as a whole. This is our ultimate goal as a people, to unite humanity in love and acceptance. With this in mind, we created the four cornerstones to help maintain balance first here in Hadrian. Once our stability is established as a great nation, we can then work together with our fellow humans. Humanity must work together as one. So let us begin by uniting ourselves here in Hadrian and model for the world what it means to live in peace and in harmony with the earth. If we can establish human trust, acceptance and understanding, then we can work together as a species to restore ecological balance to the planet earth.
Good Night Hadrian, and remember, love yourself, love your neighbours, love all humanity.



  1. Each of us must know about, use and practice this one word first – COMMUNICATION. No matter what level of interaction, from stranger to Higher Power/Deity. Destiny does will to keep it simple yet informative. I’m also betting this is part of the base in Patricia’s position as teacher/instructor. ———-I will put here what I have learned and practice in my life.

    I can offer the following to any person – Suggestion, Input, Guidance, Advice, Counsel, Opinion and Recommendation; No Judging/no Deciding (abbreviated SIGACOR, No J/D)

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