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Hurray for the Riff Raff – A Band Rich with Soul and Puerto Rican Passion – The Navigator Album

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“Hurray for the Riff Raff” is an American folk-blues and Americana band from New Orleans, Louisiana. I discovered them via PledgeMusic, a Kickstarter-like platform for both commercial and independent artists with the motto:

“We connect artists and fans in a way that reaches far beyond a simple stream, download or CD/vinyl sale. Through our marketplace, unique experiences, offerings, and limited edition collectibles come to life: from backstage passes to house concerts, guitars used in the studio to handwritten lyric sheets from your favorite artists.”

The Album The Navigator really spoke to me because of its blend of classic 80’s rock and southern blues and a dash of Puerto Rican passion and flair thanks to band front runner Alynda Segarra’s roots.

There’s elements of Puerto Rican bomba and salsa in each track, which makes for a quite interesting and pleasing uniquely blended soundscape. I particularly enjoy Rican Beach for its subtle use of a low but haunting organ and the rich echoes of its blues guitar. The seemingly simple chords reach deep into your bones and give ya a surprising chill in your bones. Combine all of these elements with Alynda Segarra’s voice and it creates one hell of a music experience that should not be missed.




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