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A Simple Refrain: A Review

Today I am going to write about something very special a little gem that everyone   should know about and that is A Simple Refrain by composer Robert Holmes this is  the first of a multi-post series in which I will review each track

I grew up playing classic sierra titles including the Gabriel Knight Series which I love what set it apart for me was always the music (sorry Jane) when compared with other sierra music Robert’s work has always felt more cinematic in nature big powerful and emotionally charged the album also includes some of my favorite tracks from Gray Matter and Moebius: Empire Rising A Simple Refrain takes Robert Holmes exiting masterpieces and strips them down to their raw elements so that you the listener can feel the emotion and the passion in every key stroke or sting these tracks are great grand or simple.


Here is my all time favorite track it is from Grey Matter which  is just perfect on this album



For more of Roberts great work check out his website Robert Holmes Music 



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