Hadrian’s Destiny – A first draft – note to readers (UPDATED) By Patricia Marie Budd - September 2, 2019

I will be posting excerpts from my upcoming novel, Hadrian’s Destiny. As I do not write in chronological order, these postings will not follow the exact order they will once I have completed the book. I hope my blog readers will understand that this is raw writing and the errors one might encounter during this first read will be weeded out during the numerous rounds of extensive editing I put all my written work through. The first draft excerpt will be posted Sunday, September 8th at 1 pm.

In the country Hadrian, founded in the early twenty-second century, the prevailing sexual orientation is homosexuality. Although initially inclusive, laws are put into place, making heterosexuality illegal. The Hadrian trilogy presents the political upheaval that occurs when sexual orientation becomes political and controlled by the government.

UPDATE: To my folly, I did not post an excerpt on Sept. 8th. I will begin this Sunday, Sept. 15th.

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Patricia Marie Budd

Patricia Marie Budd

I teach high school English in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. I have self-published four novels and am currently working on the fifth. My play, The Aging Philosopher" received honourable mention in the 2001 Alberta Playwright's Playwriting Competition. I am an avid lover of poetry and often try pen at composing verse.